Monday, September 30, 2013

Everyday Occasions Fabulousness!!!

Happy Monday!!

I had the most FABULOUS weekend!!! 4 stamping "gigs" in 3 days!! Yes, I was a *bit* of a stress case Friday morning but once things got rolling it alllll came together without a hitch! I helped 300 elementary children make a little bookmark Friday morning, I stamped with a friend Friday night, I helped a 10 year old celebrate her birthday with 5 of her friends on Saturday and I had a relaxing Christmas Stamp-a-Stack with a great group of ladies on Sunday! I figured by Sunday afternoon I would be ready to drop in my tracks and never want to touch a stamp again ... but I was wrong!!! I was pumped and ready for more ... so here I am to share something I'm REALLY excited about!!!

 A new kit that ROCKS - MY - WORLD!!!

I've always loved crafts. Having an older brother, from the age of about 9 years old I pretty much had to play by myself. My brother would only agree to play Barbie's with me if Barbie was kidnapped by GI Joe and kept as his prisoner ... I wanted them to get married ... so we didn't play. I know. It's sad :(

That's when crafting came into my regular Sunday afternoons. As mom was busy doing "mom stuff" I kept busy with crafts ... that's when KITS came into my life. I LOVED kits - paint by number kits, rug hooking kits (am I dating myself here???), knitting kits and cross stitching kits. Nothing made me happier than a cold, rainy (or snowy) Sunday ... and being able to sit down at the kitchen table and have everything I needed to make something all by myself ... with the smell of Mom's roast beef cooking in the oven! ahhhh .....

Fast forward 37 years ... now stamping is my love. For the 8 years I've been in this business I have always wanted to have an "all-in-one" kit that I could offer customers. A kit that has all the pre-cut supplies, embellishments, inks, stamps ... everything!! Yyyyyyyep. You guessed it ... there is now such a kit available!!! (*insert sound of me squealing here*). WAIT! It gets better! Stampin' Up! HAS had kits offered in the past .. there are kits to make 8 cards, there is the Paper Pumpkin which offers little projects and/or kits to make 4 cards .... but that wasn't enough for me!! I wanted a BIGGER kit ... one that makes MORE cards, with MORE variety and with a better value for money. Yyyyyyep. You guessed it again ... there is now such a kit available!! (*insert the sound of me squealing here ... again ...*)

This kit is THE kit to get if :
  • you are a new'ish stamper
  • if you have tried stamping, like stamping but don't know where to start with purchasing a few basic products to try out at home
  • if you LIKE to stamp but don't have all the tools you need to creat a variety of different cards
  • if you are on a tight budget
  • if you don't have the space to store a lot of supplies
  • if you have a child in your life who likes to craft
  • if you HAVE all the supplies you need but don't always have the time or energy to haul it all out, start cutting paper and creating something from scratch (this describes me ... when the kids want to make cards I often don't WANT to start cutting and prepping something for them!)
  • if you have family or friends who like to stamp and you are looking for a GREAT Christmas present for them
This kit ROCKS!!!

OK ... enough build up ... wanna see what you get ... $55 worth of crardmaking joy for the CRAZY LOW PRICE of $36.95???* (drum roll please ...)
* plus s/h/gst)

I introduce to you the Everyday Occasions Kit (woo hoo! ... fist pumping, whistling and applause are sounding in the background ... feel free to say *ooooo ... ahhhhh* ... and/or squeal!)

OK ... so the picture doesn't do it justice *lol* ... click here to see the flyer with a FULL picture of everything that comes in this kit ... as well as 20 card samples! (assuming I got the link working!)

  • Cardstock and envelopes for 20 cards ... 20 CARDS!!!!!!
  • Twine, buttons, and clips
  • Full-color Tips & Tricks brochure
  • A cool, storable, giftable box to keep them in or give them away in
  • Die-cut paper embellishments
  • Stampin' Spots (mini ink pads)
  • Seven-piece Occasions Stamp Set & clear block
  • **notice that adhesive and scissors are NOT included in the kit ... so I lied a little ... it doesn't have EVERYTHING you need ... but I think everyone has a glue stick (or tape) and a pair of scissors lying around (and if you don't I know a great Stampin' Up! Demonstrator who can hook you up with some *lol*)
You can make cards for All Occasions (... hence the name *lol*). The stamps in the set have these sentiments:
  • Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • Love
  • Thinking of You
  • Thank You
  • For You
  • and one more ... that I can't quite make out on the flyer ...but it looks like a "Made for you" stamp for the back of your cards
Yes. This kit was announces Friday morning. 10 minutes after I read about it my order was placed and it is now wingings its way to my door. Bring on a cold, rainy Sunday - Mamma's doin' some crafting!!

I am placing an order in the next 2 weeks - drop me a line or click here if you would like to scoop up one of the AWESOME kits!!!

That's it for now! Until next time - have a stampy day!!


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