Sunday, November 16, 2014

Marble Technique

Happy Sunday!!!

Can someone tell me HOW it is that I didn't have any pressing items on my calendar all week yet STILL didn't manage to do my blogging???  MAN the hours just slip away, don't they???

I REALLY don't have time to being doing this - I have 9 women coming over in 2 hours to make Christmas Cards and I'm not finished setting up yet!!  Oh sure, I PLANNED to cut paper all day Friday … but then "life" happened … aGAIN … and I ended up playing hookie with my eldest, Rebecca!  I let her skip school and we hung out all day.  Nothing thrilling - we ran 5 errands (including a quick stop at Toys R Us for a few Christmas deals), walked the dog and so on … and then we played a board game.  Nothing terribly noteworthy - she just needed to spend some time with me … so I made the time to be with her.  Lovely as that was it put me WAY behind.  No worries - I moved my plan to Saturday - SATURDAY I would cut paper all day.  Oh - no - wait - the girls had skiing lessons in the morning … there goes the morning.  Then it was lunch, a few phone calls, a bit of business … yep - 3:00 pm before I even TOUCHED a piece of paper!  By 11:00 pm I was so tired I was dizzy … so I called it a day (a very loooooong day!).  Everything is cut and thrown on the tables … but I still need to dig out all the sentiments for the insides of the cards, make sure the inks are juice, set up the coffee and so on.  So do I have time to be rambling on like this … nope … but I still have one more sip of coffee left before I start moving so there is still enough time to post a PICTURE of my Technique Card from this week.  The tutorial will follow in a day or two (she said hopefully!).  Here it is!
Wa-low!  Fabulous, isn't it??  I could sit and stare at this or hours!  Alas … a few people might be mad if they put on makeup before 9:00 am on a Sunday morning with no cards to make so I better move on!

Thanks for popping in.  come back soon for the tutorial on this little beauty.  Until then - have a stampy Sunday!!


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