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Happy Saturday - again :)

Yes I KNOW I should be packing for the fundraiser … but I CAN'T!!!  I'm too busy printing off lists and promotional items for the BIG SALE that starts bright and early Monday morning!!1  I'm SURE you have all heard what's coming down the line but just in case you live in a bubble, or your internet has been down I thought I'd post the e-mail I sent out to everyone on my e-mail list yesterday.

When you combine the two deals the savings are INSANE!!!  you can get the starter kit to SAVE money, or to EARN money … or do what I did 9 years ago … buy the kit for the smokin' great deal … and then three years later build a business that turns into a part time job that you LOVE!  You seriously have NOTHING to lose!

Remember, I'm in Canada so any International friends reading this, my pricing is the Canadian pricing … the items o sale will be the same where you are, but the prices will be different.

Read on!  … then make your list … then Monday get shopping!!!

Have an awesome day!

Happy Friday!
OK - I'm just trying to get all my little duckies in a row for Monday morning.  Are you on my "Tamara's Paper Trail" Face Book page?  No?  Go there NOW and "Like" it ... then you'll be in the know first!
If you ARE on my FB page you will know two things:
1)  A super, crazy, AWESOME Starter Kit Promotion begins Monday (runs only 1 week - Nov 24 - Dec 2) and
2)  A super, crazy, AWESOME Online Extravaganza SALE ALSO begins Monday (running Nov 24 - Dec 2)
hmmmmm .... what if you COMBINE the two???  Oh no - I'm not sure my brain can handle THAT much awesomeness!!!  But yes!  As far as I know we CAN combine the two!!!
What does that mean???  That means low, low, low, LOW prices on EVERYTHING in the current catalogues and Clearance Rack!!!
So here's the deal:
The Starter Kit is on sale.  It is 25% off.  THAT means that ANYTHING you want in the Catalogue(s) or in the Clearance Rack is a total of 40% off!  BUT!  Since (I think) you can pick items from the upcoming Extravaganza Sale as items in your Starter kit you COULD get some stuff at even MORE than that!! 
For example - in the Starter Kit you can pick ANY items you want, up to a grand total of $155.  So what if you picked items that will be 50% OFF in the Extravaganza???!!!!  You could scoop $310 in product for a FLAT charge of only $93.75!!!  That's 70% OFF!!!! WHAAAAAAT?????  I KNOW!  My mind is absolutely BLOWN!
So!  Here's what you need to do.
  • Print off the attached List of Items going on Sale
  • Print off the attached Wish List
  • Fill in list #2 with items from List #1
  • When your list hits a total of $155 (not a penny more) you are ready to go to my website and order your Starter Kit. 
    • You will click on "Join the Fun" and "Join Now" then you just start entering the items you want!
  • At check out you will be billed $93.75
  • Done!
  • Yes, you WILL need to provide your SIN online.  There is no way around that.  It's a deal breaker.
  • Yes, you will technically be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator if/when you buy the Starter Kit.  That's ok.  Don't panic!
    • There are no sales obligations
    • There are no pentalties if you never sell a thing
    • You are simply what I call a Stampin' Up! Associate ... you are just a little bit of a better customer to SU than you were 5 minutes earlier!
    • You don't HAVE to do what I do!  You can take the deal and run!
    • If you DO want to get more products at a great deal (i.e. be your own customer!) you will get 35% cash back on your first order of $200 or more placed in December! 
    • You CAN sell some things and make some money.  Don't let THAT freak you out!  You don't have to run a business the way I do!
      • You could get 4 or 5 friends together, everyone buys one of the ready-to-use kits and you all get together for a girls night and assemble them!
      • You could take in some quick cards to make with the gals at work once a month and collect a few dollars to cover the cost of your supplies
      • You could MAKE some cards and sell them to people at work - or to businesses you frequent
        • Sell birthday cards to your Social Committee at work
        • Sell Animal or Sypathy cards at the pet store
        • Sell Car "Congratulations" cards at the car dealership
        • Sell Christmas cards to your Mom
        • Sell "Congrtulations on your New Home" cards to Realtors
        • ... you don't have to "run a business" like I do.  Do what you want the WAY you want ... and earn free products while doing so.  That's exactly how I started out ... do it YOUR way!
OK!  So you don't want to buy the starter kit.  NO problem!  You can STILL get in on the Extravaganza Sale!  The Doorcrasher Specials are ONLY Available on the days indicated ... and those items are ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!  So bright and early Monday morning log into my on-line store and shop 'til you drop!  There is a $9.95 shipping charge but given how much you'll be saving on product it's still a GREAT deal!  OR ... if you "don't DO" on-line shopping e-mail me your order and I will place it at 7:00 pm SHARP (but I won't be able to tke credit cards - so you'll have to e-transfer me the money or pay me when you see me).  The only danger of this method is that by 7:00 pm items very well may be sold out.  It's a gamble!
IF YOU DO ORDER ONLINE, MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE HOSTESS CODE 6D7TEPRE to be entered into the draw for ALL the hostess benefits!!!  If you don't enter the code you can't be entered so make sure you do!
I know this is a LOT of information to take in.  Call me!  It's easier to explain verbally than in type ... it really is a smoking great deal.
That's it for today.  Have a stampy weekend - I expect I'll be talking to many of you Monday!

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