Monday, December 8, 2014

Groovy Kind Of Blog Hop

Happy Monday!!

Yes!  I have been MIA for a while now, haven't I?!  Reason being ... I hadn't made a card in WEEKS!  I was in serious withdrawal as I was busy doing pre-Christmas things and making time to spend with the girls.  Priorities, right?  Well Thursday I was at the point of "If I don't get some time in my Craft Cave someone's gunna get hurt!" ... so off I went.

I had a plan.

Make 1 - 3 Christmas cards for class this week.  It was a brilliant plan.  Not only would I have my class planned but I would also have a great card to show off for my first ever "Blog Hop".

Wanna see one of my 3 Christmas cards?

You can't.

I only made 1.

Oh ...

... and it's not very Christmassy ...


LMAO!  Yep.  I always have great PLANS!

I went to the Craft Cave ... and sat.  I looked at my stamp sets ... and looked.  I just couldn't do one more Christmas card.  I was *done*.  My eyes fell on this great set "Groovy Kind of Love".  That was the one.  I saw the zebra striped heart and it just called to me.  Nothing can perk me up like a Blackberry Bliss Zebra Striped Heart!  ... and I was off.  10 minutes later I had this bizarre "love" card - and it made me happy :)

All the images are from that one stamp set - Groovy Kind of Love - I used Blackberry Bliss, Tangerine Tango and Crumb Cake on a Whisper White base.  The Washi Tape is from the Retro Fresh assortment and the punches are the Sweetheart and the small one from the Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack.  A rhinestone and two Candy Dots finished it off.  Yep - just what I needed - a not-traditional card.  This one fit the bill perfectly!

So!  Now that I shared my project how about a little more about this Blog Hop I mentioned?

Yes, for those of you who have never heard of it, Blog Hops are a little bit of fun us demos take part in every now and then.  A group of creators design projects and provide links to the others' blogs and projects.

Remember back in September I went to the Stampin' Up! Conference?  Well I did.  While I was there I met SO many awesome other demonstrators - one of which was Julie Beaulieu.  Full of energy and smiles you can't help but be drawn to Julie ... and I was.  I was thrilled when she contacted me a few weeks ago to take part in a Blog Hop.  Absolutely!  I'm "in"!

As part of the Hop we need to answer 4 questions.  You can check out Julie's project(s) and answers to the questions on her blog here - at "Designed With You In Mind".  I have passed the Hop on to another fellow Edmonton Demontrator Karina Chin.  I met Karina at the Conference as well as through "Team Canada" - a group of approximately 120 Canadian Demonstrators that work on certain projects to benefit Canadian Demonstrators and their customers.  Karina blogs every day so pop over to her blog Karina's Kreations here to check out her work.  She will be blogging for this hop next Monday, Dec 15th.

OK!  On with answering those questions!

Question 1 - What are you working on?
TODAY I'm working on designing cards for my class tomorrow night *lol* ... but after that it's all about my Project Life Albums - I LOVE PL and aside from chipping away at our June 2014 Disney World vacation I'm putting the finishing touches on our Trixie, Elf on the Shelf Albums (yes, I have two on the go - one for each of my girls!)
Question 2 - How does your work differ from other in your genre?
I'm not sure HOW my work differs from others' ... but people often tell me they like my "style" - so I must have one *lol*.  I DO like "clean" cards for the most part ... not a LOT of embellishments so people can reproduce them without having to spend $20 on all the pretty extras.
Question 3 - Why do you create what you do?
Hmmm - why DO I?  I think for a variety of reasons.  9 years ago it started as a fun, creative escape.  It is STILL that ... but I don't usually design for that "purpose" - I usually have a class I am specifically creating for and that is what gets my butt down to the Cave.  In the much BIGGER picture I do what I do to strengthen relationships with the wonderful ladies in my life.  This was NOT what it was about when I first embarked on this journey ... it was just a fun craft ... but over the years I realize that I LOVE to mail a smile to the women who touch my life.  It makes ME feel good to make others feel good simply by mailing them a card. 
I guess that is more of a "why do you DO what you do" answer ...
Question 4 - How does your creative process work?
Like most demonstrators, my creative process works in many ways, depending on a lot of things.  Am I creating a card for a specific person for a specific occasion?  If so then I already know what stamp set and color scheme I want to use before I hit my Cave.  The recipient's personality and likes drvies the entire card.
Am I creating for a class?  The process starts with a particular technique in mind and that guides which stamp set I use.  For example, if I'm doing the "Rock & Roll" technique I'll need a stamp that is round ...
Am I creating for fun?  This is the best process and is guided mainly by my mood.  I generally pick a color scheme that fits my mood first .. and then the stamp set follows.  I will then generally hit my Pinterest "Love the Layout" board for inspiration on where I go from there.  Then I just let the process take over - grabbing ribbon, doilies, embellishments and "play" until it feels right.  THOSE are always my favorite cards.  Ones that just come from an hour or two of playing. 
So there you have it.  My first Blog Hop.  Hope over to Karina's next Monday to see what she comes up with ... and pop back here tomorrow to see what Trixie, our beloved Elf has been up to so far this year.  Crazy Elf!
Until then - have a stampy day!


  1. Awesome job Tamara! Love that you call your stamping area Craft Cave :)

  2. *lol* Thanks Julie - it's my new term for it! I think I need a Batman sign on the door!