Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trixie is Back!

Happy Tuesday!  

I'm THRILLED to announce that yesterday was UBER productive!  LOVE those kind of days!! For days and days and DAYS will be busy all day but never actually seem to get anything 100% off my to-do list.  Then … ONE day … it allllll comes together and I wrap up a swack o stuff all in one day.  Yesterday was that day!  I headed to my Craft Cave and cracked off two of the three cards needed for my class tonight, made some appointments, cancelled some appointments, did some paperwork and, perhaps best of all, planned Trixie's antics for tonight.

"Who is Trixie?!"  I hear you cry!  Well if you don't know you MUST be new to my blog!  Trixie is our beloved Elf on the Shelf … and yes, my close friends are starting to ask if they should be writing her name in our Christmas card too, as she seems to be our third child! *lol*.  Yes, we love her dearly and the kids TRULY can't wait for her to arrive every morning.  Alicia has actually mentioned a few times this week that she loves December because 1) Trixie comes back and 2) It's Christmas.  Yes, I think if they had to give up one of them Trixie would win!!  She's THAT popular around here!!

As has happened the last two years she comes to town with a flourish and causes chaos with her antics … at least for the first week or two.  After that she seems to run out of ideas … or energy to stay up late every night waiting for the children to fall asleep *lol*.  She doesn't mind REALLY, though.  Truth be told, I think Trixie enjoys the whole thing more than the kids do!!

So here is what she has been up to so far …

She arrived by plane - donning an new outfit … the banner behind the plane(written on toilet paper) reads "Hi!  I missed yoo" (yes, her spelling needs work!)

Te next night she was found catalogue shopping in the Target flyer.  She had picked out a few new outfits she wanted.  Alicia wanted to buy them for her for Christmas.  Awwww ….
Too late, Alicia!  The next morning we found that Trixie had helped herself to the contents of my wallet and bought the outfits herself at "Elf Check" and "Old Elfy".  Rebecca quickly spotted that Trixie's "E"s looked just like Mom's.  Ya.  I confessed later that  had found Trixie before they did, but the bags were blank so I wrote on them.  Umm hmm.  Ya - that's it!
The next morning Trixie was wearing her new skirt and boots and used my phone to take a number of "elfies".
The next morning she was wearing her new skates and scarf and was found ice skating on a circular piece of glass … covered in what looked like flour … and she had made a snowman out of marshmallows and toothpicks.  Another mess for Mom to clean up!
Saturday morning had ME laughing - the kids, not so much!  She had taken ALL the ornaments off the tree!  Maybe I wouldn't have found it so funny if I was the one who decorated the tree!  Luckily the girls love tree decorating so it was back to normal later that day!
Oh!  Koda wanted to be in on the fun :)  Hmmm - maybe he was her accomplice!
Sunday morning we found her in the fridge - wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and some home-made ear muffs.  The sweater turned out to be a glove that Alicia and I had cut the fingers off of for a craft we were making.  She obviously helped herself to our supplies!
Monday we found her sleeping under one of our count-down calendars.  Poor thing must have been exhausted from all the craziness of her first week back.  Let's hope she gets some rest so she can come up with more fun for us to find!

I can't wait to document her antics again this year in my Project Life album.  Seriously.  Love that Elf.

Thanks for popping in!  Come back soon to check out the cards I made for class.  Until then - have a stampy day!!


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