Friday, January 13, 2017

Crafting on a Budget?

Happy Friday!  Again :)

Sitting here toying between doing something productive and napping … seriously.  Full moon AND Friday the 13th today?  Leaning towards napping … yet here I sit typing … so I guess "productive" wins (for now! mwahahahaha …)

I don't have a card to share today (well, I do, but don't wanna chat about that today … maybe tomorrow!).

What I DO want to talk about is Crafting on a Budget :)

I sent out my annual email to my customers outlining why they may find my 12 Month Stamp Club is a good fit for them.  Maybe it's a good fit for you too!  If you live in Edmonton and have a bit of a love for Stampin' Up! products … but, like the rest of us, are on a budget read on!  Heck, even if you live somewhere else in Canada the club may be an option for you.  You CAN reap the benefits of the club even if you are across the country.  Give it some thought!  Here is the email I sent to my peeps.  If you are interested drop me a line!

If you are on a budget then THIS is an email you will want to read!  

If you attended my Open House last weekend … and/or if you’ve had a chance to peek at the AWESOME products being offered in the new 2017 Occasions Catalogue I’m SURE you have a list of items that total at LEAST a few hundred dollars.  

Of course the BEST deal in town is to purchase the “Try It” Kit ($165 in product for only $135 flat PLUS two more free stamp sets of your choice!!) I recognize not everyone has $135 to spend at this time of year, great deal or not! 

So what’s a crafter to do?  You have a long list of things you want but a limited amount of disposable income each month.  The answer to your problems is to join my club :)  

(See what I did there?  I established your need then gave you a solution to fulfill that need.  Me and my club.  My marketing professor would be proud :) )

Hee hee - all joking aside, my club IS a great way to get awesome supplies whilst sticking to a budget.  Read on …..
 I am looking for a few more members to join my 12-Month Club that starts up in February ... everyone who joins by January 30th will be in my draw for FREE SALE-A-BRATIONS PRODUCTS … THREE lucky winners will win !

Here are the details of the club:
What are the benefits of joining the club?
  • At least $45 in free product
  • FREE Ink Pad (for new members) or Designer Series Paper (for returning members) of your choice
  • 20% discount on your order during your hostess month
  • Entries into free draws
  • Free Catalogues
  • Discounts on classes
  • Buying the craft supplies you need on budget
  • A little "Thank You" card or treat in your bag each month
Here is how it works:
  • 12 members commit to making a minimum $25 (+ GST and s&h) purchase each and every month for 12 months from February 2017 through until January 2018.
  • Each month, one stamper gets to act as the hostess and earns the free hostess benefits. Everyone gets to pick the month they would like to be the "hostess" on a first-come-first served basis (with Sale-a-bration months being chosen by a draw.) If 2 members want the same month a draw will be made to decide who gets that month.
  • With 12 members adding at least $25 to "the pot" each month, each hostess is guaranteed a minimum of $300 in the pot, providing her with a minimum of $30 in free merchandise (10% of the club sales) ... but I will personally top the pot up to $375, if need be, to get the free spending up to $45!! (12% of the club sales)
  • The hostess may increase her hostess benefits by hosting a workshop and/or collecting outside orders (but is NOT required to do so)
  • Members receive a free current Idea Book and Catalogue and all seasonal Mini Catalogues and the new Idea Book and Catalogue when it comes out in June, 2017
  • The monthly orders (along with payment) must be submitted by the 14th of each month. If for some reason your order is NOT placed on time then an order for (3) snail refills and (1) pack of  mimi glue dots will be ordered on your behalf (totalling $25.00 + s/h/gst)
  • During your hostess month you will receive 20% off your personal order
  • *** There will be exclusive, monthly draws for products - everyone will win!!
  • Club members receive discounted rates for attending my technique classes and craft nights and get priority at these events if they reach capacity seating
  • Returning club members receive a free package of Designer Series Paper (a value of over $14.50!) of their choice during their hostess month as a "Thank You" for re-joining 
  • New club members will receive a free Classic Ink Pad (a value of over $8.50!) of their choice as a "Thank You" for joining
  • As I stated above ... all members who join the club will be entered my draws free Sale-a-brations products!  The first name drawn gets first pick and so on.  
This club is a LOT of fun and I like to treat my "Club Gals" really well.  Of course a full club (i.e. 12 members) means more free product for everyone so I'm hoping to fill it again this round.  
If you are interesting in joining the fun please get in touch with me in the next week or so, or for SURE by January 30th so you can get in on the draws for the SAB products.

That's it for today.  Have a stampy weekend!!


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