Monday, January 2, 2017

Teacher Gifts

Happy Monday!

Phew - I'm getting down to the bottom of my "old" posts.  Few more to go!

Today's share are all projects that I absolutely LOVE!  They are all the little gifts we gave to friends, teachers, neighbours this holiday season.

First up are little packages I gave to my club members and a few close friends.  Not gunna lie - they were a pain in the "stracka" (as we say around here in our best Polish accents) to make but I was giddy with how they turned out ..

I put a pack of Carnation Hot Chocolate inside one of our (retired) polka dot cello bags along with a small Christmas ziploc of marshmallows.  The SPOON is what makes it so special.  It's a home-made peppermint spoon.  Took me 4 tries to get 19 spoons - for every batch of 8 spoons I broke at least 3 *lol*.  I picked up a silicone mould at Michaels and used crushed peppermints that I put in the moulds and then melted in the oven.   I hope they made it to the recipient's coco mug in one piece.  So fun!

I made an easier version for all the teachers and school friends … 60 for us … and then 20 for a friend! Same idea, but without the cello bag and fancy decorations - and a mini cndycane instead of the spoon ...
Next up are some super quick notecards I made for the secretaries at Becca's orthodontist office.  These ladies are SO awesome … and Becca got her braces off on Dec 19th so I gave them these ...
I simply gold embossed the images on the notecards.  Quick and easy!  (The Thank you is from the upcoming Sale-a-brations offerings - starts Jan 4, 2017!)
I liked the Thank You cards so much I decided to make five packs of five cards for the office staff at school.  Each pack had one card in each of the colours.  Perfect!
I know I shared this one before … it was my favourite this year!  Hershey's Nuggets wrapped in the Candy Cane DSP and in one of our 2" x 8" cello bags.  Love love LOVE!
Lastly, I know I shared this one before too, but thought I'd share again … my Organic Sparkling Juice bottles.  GREAT gift for the teachers at about $2.50 per bottle.
So that's what I made for gifts this year.  LOVE giving them - that really is what hooked me on stamping almost 11 years ago!

I best be off - a shower is in order!  Have yourself a stampy day!


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