Sunday, July 28, 2019

What's She Up To NOW??

Happy Sunday!

Not gunna lie ... been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to post.  I've got nuthin! ... as in no new projects to share!  Why?  What have I been up to?  WELL!  I'm thrilled to be able to say lots of stuff (like cleaning and purging) and lots of nothing (like reading and printing out photos)!  I think I'm finally ... after 6 weeks of very little "business" ... FINALLY starting to quieten my mind, relax and live at a much slower pace than usual.

When did life get so crazy?  When did it all get so fast-paced and stressful?  When did sleeping for more than 6 hours straight become a rarity, a treat and something to be celebrated and shared on Facebook?  When did guilt take over if I wasn't doing 3 things at a time?  When did enjoying doing nothing for an entire weekend die?

Ever since the kids were born the pace of life has gotten faster and faster.  Every year I take on more and more, I sleep less and less and I cause ridiculous amounts of stress for myself.  For what?

That I don't know.

What I DO know is that I am on some sort of spiritual journey.  It started about two and a half years ago - January 2017.  Things have really ramped up in that department over the last year.  I can't really explain it but I am trusting "the Universe" more.  I'm putting faith in my abilities and that "everything always works out" ... somehow.  I believe that I have at least one Guardian Angel and that he/she is watching over me and guiding me.

The Universe has been nudging me for the last two years ... but had been shoving me a little harder over the last 6 months.  It's telling me to slow down, get my priorities straight and pay attention to what truly matters.  What truly matters?  My health, my family and my friends ... THEN everything else .. and that includes my business.  I was determined to take most of the summer "off" working, at least working the way TAMARA does ... at full tilt ... all the time;  my mind always churning over what classes and promotions to hold, how my team is doing, what my numbers are and how close (or far) away I am from earning the next reward.  I am doing pretty well so far at taking my foot off the gas ... and it IS getting easier the more I practice it.  The world hasn't spun off its axis and my business hasn't come to a grinding halt.  Go figure!

Post-Greece I have been spending more time with the girls.  I have been systematically purging my entire house.  I have been visiting my parents a few times a week.  I have been visiting CRAIG's parents.  I have been meeting friends for coffees, lunches and dinners.  I read a book.

This morning I woke up at 3:33 am.  I often wake at 3:33 am.  I researched the meaning of that.  I DO believe in signs from above and all the articles I read do indicate that 3:33 is a sign.  A sign that my Angel is watching and guiding and that I am on the right path.

No, I don't have a new project to share with you today ... but that's ok.  I'm doing what I need to be doing.  I'll have one for you next week.  Until then have a stampy day doing what YOU need to be doing.  I'll be over here relaxing and being present with my family.

Thanks for popping in :)



  1. What is the old saying: "take time to smell the roses". Well that is what you are doing. Enjoy this time. At 73 I still need time to myself despite having no humans at home now but I do have my fur humans. I need time away from them too. So Tamara, enjoy this time and please dont feel you are letting your family down by not being there for them 24/7. They too will grow and flourish as you and Craig have given them a good grounding. XXX Mal, Melbourne, Australia

    1. Thanks M-A. I agree. It's a lesson that has taken me 52 (and counting) years to learn ... and practice ... and master. I woke up this morning feeling no stress (well ... maybe 5% lol) and looking forward to my day. Breakfast with friends, walking the dog then continuing to purge the house. It has taken me 3 solid days of sorting but NOW I feel like I'm making headway and feeling the weight of all my "stuff" lifting. We really do get bogged down with "things". I'm enjoying this new pace and doing my best to organize my fall so it can continue. Thanks so much for commenting. Have a stampy day!