Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Stamp-a-Stack 2015

Happy Thursday!

… well .. it WILL be a happy Thursday if I can make it through the day without throwing my back out completely!  As I type this I know it's "on it's way out" … next stop … the floor!  I've spent too much time sitting lately.  Saturday was an all day (I mean 10 HOURS all day!) sitting at my Stampin' Up! Conference … then Sunday I placed orders for a few hours … Monday was crafting … Tuesday the gym … and on and on … everyday getting a bit worse.  Of COURSE I have three stamping classes in the next 3 days which may just push me over the edge.  Ice and heat are my friend today!!

So … if I make it to Sunday these are the cards we will be making at my second Christmas Stamp-a-Stack of 2015 ...
I love them ALL!  If you are in the Edmonton area and looking for something to do bright and early Sunday morning drop me a line and come on by!

So …. wish me luck (and good back pills!) and have a stampy day!



  1. When your back goes out it's the worst. Hope yours gets back into shape. Very pretty cards.

    1. I agree - the WORST! So far so good today - ice/heat and lots of standing. Thanks for the kind words and wishes <3

  2. Oh Tamara, I sure hope you will be recovered and feeling better FAST, you poor thing! I will pray for you!

    I ADORE each card Tamara, they are All so incredibly beautiful and simple to make, also! What a treasure!!! Thank you so much for sharing (I truly wish I had one of each for myself. My stamp camp is also this Sunday and I am loving your ideas!).

    Thanks so much for sharing! Feel better and best wishes with "all!"


    1. Thanks Donna! PM me your address and I'll mail them to you. Seriously! I have SOOOO many extras! xoxo