Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wish List Booklets for 2015

Happy Sunday!

Is it nap time yet?  Ugh.  Been UP since before 5:00 am so now that it's 11:30 am I've already had a pretty full day and am ready for my nap!  Alas … I have about 7 things on the go and the Big Grey Cup Game is on at 4:00 pm so we'll have to see if I can squeeze some horizontal time in or not!


Meanwhile … on to a project!

Friday night was Craft Night.  As usual, I struggle to actually CREATE anything during Craft Night.  I'm too busy chatting (and/or drinking wine!!) to actually focus for more than 2 minutes.  Last Friday was no different.  After sending an hour tearing my Craft Cave apart looking for my Angel Ornament pieces to assemble (which I never did find!) I decided I could manage to make the girls' Wish List booklets for this year.  No … I didn't actually create a NEW new one … I just grabbed my favourite Christmas Card, ripped the front layers off the card base and turned it into a booklet.

Check it out ...


Remember the card they came from?

For those of you new to my blog a little backstory ….

Every year I make a booklet for the girls to write out what they want for Christmas.  They leave it on the coffee table, next to the cookies and milk, on Christmas Eve so Santa can review what they want.  After Christmas I then write down all the presents they GOT and from whom.  It's one of my favourite traditions and they make such a fantastic keepsake.  It's definitely one I'll keep alive for many many many years!

Want to make one yourself?  Click here to see my January 5, 2015 step-by-step tutorial showcasing last years book

Guess that's it for today.  Whatever you get up to today, I hope you have a stampy day!


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