Sunday, February 28, 2016

Poppin' Eyeshadow Technique!

Happy Sunday!

Feels like this weekend has lasted forEVER with the kids being off Thursday and Friday.  That's a good thing in that I have had a lot of relaxation time - a bad thing in that I haven't been TOO productive for days.  I keep reminding myself "not EVERY day needs to be productive" but if I could just kick it up a notch I would be REALLY close to the bottom of my "to-do" list.  I've started logging my 564 printed pictures, another 30 minutes and my taxes are ready to submit to the accountant, 20 minutes and the kids' diaries will be up-to-date …. we'll see what I can accomplish today … right after my post :)

I am SOOOOO excited to post this project.  The cards itself won't set the card-making world on fire but the TECHNIQUE … well, the technique has me giddy with excitement for all the possibilities.  Why?  I have re-invented one of my favourite techniques "Poppin' Pastels".  Remember 5 years ago Stampin' Up sold pastel chalks in all their exclusive colours?  I LOVED using them and made it my mission to own all of the chalks.  Of course once I got them all they retired.  I was sad.  Recently I've been looking at so many of our stamp sets and thinning they would be SO great used with that technique.  how could I do that?  Sure, I COULD still use the chalks I have … but that wouldn't do anything for my fellow stampers who DON'T have the chalks … so for months I've been wanting to reinvent the technique using something we all have scads of … EYESHADOW!  Yup.  I now give you the "Poppin' Eyeshadow Technique" …

So so so so SO glimmery/iridescent in "person"!  

First - how I did it …

Quite simply I stamped a line image (the rose from Rose Wonder in the 2016 Occasions Catalogue) using Versamark ink on Whisper White card stock.  I grabbed my finger daubers, dipped them in eyeshadow and dabbed over the image.  Simple as that!!

I actually tried this with a number of different eyeshadows - one was bought at Dollar Tree for … a dollar *lol*.  I bought it specifically FOR this technique and yes, it worked just fine.  Like most things though you get what you pay for.  I liked the shimmery colour but it was very powdery and "cheap".  That's ok though - do we need high quality eyeshadow for crafting??  No.  
(Yes, I tried using eyeshadow on another project - hint above *lol* - that will be one of my next posts … stay tuned!)

So no … you don't need high quality eyeshadow - just use what you have in your bathroom drawer.  I have LOTS around and really wanted to try out some of the beautiful, shimmery colours I have in my Younique stash.  About a year and a half ago I bought the Younique "Starter Kit".  It was a great deal and I justified it by thinking "no, I won't use all 25 colours of eyeshadow but I have tweens whom I'm SURE will be into shimmery blue soon".

I grabbed a shimmery pink and a shimmery green (I forget their specific names - if interested let me know!).  They look absolutely AMAZING on this card in the sunlight!!  I can't stop looking at it.  Seriously.  It's awesome!  The BEST part is that the colour doesn't wipe, smudge or smear!  I was worried about that but I wiped it with my fingers and it stay put!
Just LOOK at all the colour options I have to play with!
Yes I feel a whole new obsession coming on.  I coloured with the eyeshadow yesterday (the little Easter lamb) and today I want to try colouring white embossed images.  Yup - my back is going to be angry tomorrow! *lol*
I hope you get some inspiration to try something new today.  Think outside the box and have some fun … and have a stampy day!!


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