Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September 19, 2018 Newsletter

Happy Wednesday ... again!

SEE?  TOLD YOU I was gunna get stuff done today!

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This is the Newsletter from today.  Enjoy!

That's all.  Carry on :)


Dream Catcher

Happy Wednesday!

Yay!  Today is the day!  Everyone seems to be safely delivered to school!  No forgotten bus passes, not throwing up on the bus, no missing the bus, no "mom to the rescue" required!  Today is the day I'll get some work done!  Whoot!

Quick one today so I CAN get on with things (after I take my favourite hour of the day - walking with my fluffy white buddy!)!

I made this about 3 weeks ago.  It looks better in person but still isn't EXACTLY what I was going for.  I just LOVE the colour scheme, though - Crumb Cake, Soft Sea Foam and Night of Navy ...
I made using the Follow Your Dreams Bundle ($55.75) in the 2018 Annual Catalogue. 

You know what is ESSENTIAL to the success of this card?  That's right - the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets ($13.50).  Slapping those bad boys on the back of your card stock before you run it through the Big Shot is a must.  Turns those delicate dream catchers into stickers.  No messy glue required!
Quick, easy, lovely card to kick off your Wednesday.

Off I go to "get 'er done".  Have a stampy day!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bring on the Presents

Happy Sunday!

It is THE perfect Sunday in Tamara-World today.  Rainy, sleety and a frigid +2 degrees.  HEAVEN!

I had HOPED to spend a few hours in the Cave but ended up at the computer for most of it.  Once I had done my "must do" jobs I kicked Alicia's butt in Monopoly and am now just waiting for dinner to cook.  Ribs mmmmmmmm

Thought I'd pop in and share a quick and easy Christmas card I made last week.  I say "quick" but it took me at least 2 hours to come up with *lol*.  Check it out ...
It is made with the Tufted Embossing folder - $12.25 (it is a MUST have in your collection.  Trust me!  Just GET it!) and the new "Bring on the Presents" Bundle ($54.75), in the 2018 Holiday Catalogue.

 The sentiment is from Snowflake Sentiments ($41)
... and is punched out with the Stitched Ovals framelits ($41)
I used Shaded Spruce and Real Red for the bows and a (retired) Perfect White Accent for the centre.

Quick, easy and cute!

Off to dinner I go - have a stampy night!


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Winter Woods Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Thursday!

Well ... September 12, 2018.  What happened?  It started snowing.  True story.  Snow.  WITH accumulation!  One would HOPE it would melt quickly but word on the street is it's going to do this for another day or two.  Crazy!  now I'm not gunna lie ... I do love the colder weather.  Sweater, boots, crisp mornings.  Right up my alley!  I'm not an outdoors kinda gal so I'm happy as a lark to me crafting in my basement with my warm socks and hot cup o' Joe!  (Gotta say, though, walking Koda was NOT much fun yesterday.  Gloves, scarf, hat and socks!)

All the snow has me thinking about Christmas cards more and more.  This is a bundle that you will want to consider.  The tree with the cuts in it really is a fun one!

Check it out, stay warm and have a stampy day!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Beautiful Blizzard Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Tuesday!

I LOVE this die! I used the magnetic platform and had NO trouble getting the pieces out by just flicking it with my finger. Pop some glimmer paper behind it, add a banner with a sentiment and you have a QUICK, beautiful card. Make sure you slap some multipurpose adhesive sheets on the back of the card stock BEFORE you run it through the Big Shot and then all your delicate snowflake will be stickers that are no-fuss and no-mess to apply to your projects! It's a must have, in my opinion!

Enjoy - and have a stampy day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

2018 Holiday Catalogue is Now LIVE!

Happy Wednesday!

Woo Hoo!  It's the BEST day of the year for Stampin' Up! addicts like me!  It's "2018 Holiday Catalogue Release Day"!!!!!

You can check out the catalogue here

You can place an online order here

Canadian orders under $200 that enter the hostess code NS2JJ722 at the checkout will receive a gift in the mail from me (but you have to make sure you have given SU permission to give me your name and address!)

If you are in the Edmonton area this Friday night pop in for my 2018 Holiday Catalogue Launch and Open House to see many of the new products "live".  There will be classes to register for, paper shares, prizes, clubs, food, drink and lots of laughs!  I hope you can come!

Happy shopping and have a stampy day!


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Alpine Adventure Fun!

Happy Saturday!

Ready for the weekend?  I am!  the weather has turned from +32 last week to a chilly +6 degrees this morning ... and I kinda love it!  Yay for sweater weather and movie nights curled up on the couch ... and of course lots of CRAFTING!  Whoot!

I had a productive week last week, chipping away at LONG over due items ... like filling out a form that I have had in my email "in box" since NOVEMBER of 2017!!  How long did it take me to fill in the form?  All of 15 minutes! ... and 10 of that was figuring out what I needed to print to fill out!  Seriously!  All I needed was my name, address and signature.  MAN I am good at procrastinating!  *lol*.  A few more things on my "mega-to-do-list", including pitting 2.5 years worth of pictures in my album but hey ... no rush on THAT, right??  .. mind you, now that I think about it, that WAS one of my "I WILL do this over the summer" task.  Meh.  I still have a week left to do it! hee hee

So ... last night I got to spend a LOT of time in my cave.  I was playing with a new winter set, Alpine Adventure. It took me a while to get into the groove but I eventually got there and have fallen in love with the little sled!

My first attempt didn't blow my hair back.  It's ok but ...
 I DID also try it with a black mat around it ... meh.  Tried 1/8" red ribbon.  Nope.  It's OK ... just not the feel I was going for ... so I tried again.  This time I nailed it!
Card making is more complex for me that one might think.  All the pieces have to "make sense" to me.  The wood texture "goes" with the wood sled; the Pool Party snowflake"goes" with the Pool Party and Silver twine; the big rhinestones goes with the little rhinestones AND the silver in the twine; the plain scalloped circle compliments/offsets the "busy" woodgrain pattern.  I just love how it all ties together!  Any wonder it takes me 3 hours to make a "simple" card?  *lol*.

Today I will play with some more new products from the Holiday Catalogue - my Open House is Sept 7th, if you're in the Edmonton area and would like to pop over!  Other than that I will do a bit more paperwork, set dates for my fall schedule and MAYBE start getting those pictures in albums ... or MAYBE I'll take a nap instead *lol*.

Whatever YOU get up to today, I hope you have a stampy day xo


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Postcard Pal Fun!

Happy Saturday!

I'm so excited for the weekend!  I have not one but TWO out of town friends coming to visit me!!  It's going to be a crafty weekend for SURE! ... plus Craig is still on holidays and that means I don't have to make dinner ... again!  (When he's off he likes to cook - sa-weeeeeet!  That will make 4 weeks I haven't had to cook this summer!  THAT'S a vacation I can get down with!)

Today I'm sharing the cutest little card!  It's not what I consider to be my usual style but I love it!
The pelican makes me giggle!  He comes from the new Postcard Pals set ($27).  I know many people will shy away from this set thinking they have to spend too much time colouring but it seriously took a minute to colour this one.  The shading that is provided by the stamped image itself does all the hard work for you and make you look like a colouring master!  I posted a brief video last week on my Facebook page "Tamara's Paper Trail" showing just how quick it is.  Pop over and check it out!
I used my Crumb cake, Daffodil Delight, Pool Party and Pumpkin Pie Blend Markers

For the water I used a piece of Pool Party cardstock and ran it through the "Seaside" embossing folder.

The wood stump came from the Hedgehugs set - I just trimmed it to look like a straight column rather than a tree trunk.

I stamped a splatter from Artisan Textures in Daffodil Delight and then popped up the 2" circle punched sentiment up on dimensionals.

The final touch were little water drops that I had in my stash.  They are epoxy shapes from last year - can't recall the name but they came out with the rainbow set, I believe.

I should mention that no, I didn't fussy cut the pelican out.  I treated myself to a Brother Scan n' Cut machine for my birthday last month and it cut him (and 5 of his friends) out in about 1.5 minutes flat.  SUCH a fun machine!

That's it for today.  Off I go to watch yet ANOTHER video on how to use the Mailchimp (email) system.  Sigh. WHY does everything lately seem to have a 94 hour learning curve to it?? *lol*

Whatever you get up to this weekend I hope you have a stampy time!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Animal Outing Fun

Happy Sunday!

Well ... truth be told I'm a little sad today.  It's Sunday ... and it's cold ... and it's raining ... and that is my FAVOURITE kind of weather!  I LIVE for cold, rainy Sundays!  The only thing better than cold rainy Sunday's are cold SNOWY Sundays!  "So why are you sad?", I hear you cry! ... well ... cold, rainy Sundays are only my favourite when I get to stay HOME for them ... not when I have a booth at an all-day outdoor trade fair!  Yup, it's been sunny and smokin' hot here for EVER and the one day we have 13 degrees and rain is the day I'm sitting in a field selling animal-themed cards.  Hmmmm ... I wonder if mosquitos have money .... *lol*.

Oh well - it's as fun as you make it, right? ... and I'll have my mini-me in the booth beside me, trying to sell her hand-made dog leashes to those who come by.  Fingers crossed.  I actually want it to be nice more for HER than for me!  This whole "let's start a business" gig has been a great life/business lesson for her and I'd like her to succeed (... and it would be nice if she could at least break even so she could pay her mother back for the cost of the stock! *lol*)

Whatever happens happens.  I'm still going to have a smile on my face.  I DID have a LOT of fun this week making up my cards.  It has been a VERY long time since I created just for fun, without having to thing "do I have enough of this for a class" or "this would be too time consuming to do in a class" or "this set is retired I shouldn't use it in a class".  I just had fun!  Here is my latest batch ...

I LOVE the last two!!  They are all made using the Animal Outing stamp set.  The first one uses Tropical Chic designer paper, the next three used the coordinating Animal Expedition designer paper.  What's SO great about the Animal Expedition DSP is that you can use the coordinating Framelits to cut out some of the animals, as I did here.  SO cute!!

For the last two cards I used leftover pieces from the February Paper Pumpkin kit.  I just LOVE the big, bold letters.  Such clean, simple cards.  Sometimes less IS more!

Well ... it's 7:15 and we have to leave in just over an hour so I'm going to dig out my jeans (ugh) and flannel shirt (double ugh) and start loading up the car.  I hope you have weather to YOUR liking ... and that you have a stampy Sunday!


Friday, August 10, 2018

Calligraphy Essentials

Happy Friday!!!

I dunno what the weather is like in your part of the world but over here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada it's face crackin' HOT!  "They're" calling for 32 degrees.  GREAT excuse to stay indoors and craft in the cool of the basement!

So I'm still working on figuring out how to send out my newsletter via the Mailchimp system.  (Just as an aside I am tickled PINK at all the requests I've had from people all over the world!  Honolulu?  Australia?  Wow!! ... ok ... back to our regularly scheduled blog post ...)   Now if you know me at ALL you know that I generally put "first things last", meaning I am the queen of procrastination and almost ALWAYS do the least important thing on my to do list first!  I learned Step 1 of the Mailchimp system this week while I was procrastinating on making cards for my Humane Society trade fair this Sunday.  Well, now that I want to master Step 2 of the system (the actual SENDING of the newsletter) I now HAVE to procrastinate on that as the "making of the cards" has moved significantly up the urgency scale *lol*.  Sometimes I really do think I should be a social experiment for some student writing a thesis paper on abnormal behaviour!

Now that I've admitted the "making of the cards" is getting quite urgent I realize I'm blogging ... and not making .. so the cycle continues *lol*.

Wanna see a few cards I DID make?  OK!

Cute, yes?  I made three of these 4-card-sets in about half an hour.  While on vacation last month I had put together the "Calligraphy Essentials" kit ($51 for the kit and coordinating stamp set) and had the cards lying on my desk (taking up valuable real estate!)

I thought they'd make super quick and cute cards for my trade fair if I just added an animal to them.  I was right! (since the trade fair is for the Animal Shelter all goods sold have to have an animal theme).

I used the Hedgehugs ($26) , This Little Piggy ($27) , Bird Banter (retired) and We Must Celebrate (retired) for my critters.  No, I didn't fussy cut them all out!  I treated myself to a Brother Scan n Cut machine for my birthday and that cut the job down from hours to minutes.  I used my Blends markers to color ($6 each) then and in no time had 12 cute cards ready for the show.

So I highly suggest the next time you're in a hurry to make cards grab one of your stampin' kits - cuts the crafting time down but still gives you a great hand-made card.

I guess I should get at it - those cards aren't going to make themselves!

Stay cool and have a stampy day!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Would you like to be on my newsletter list?

Happy Tuesday ... again!

This is unprecedented!  Two posts in one day! *lol*

I just wanted to share with you the link for my Newsletter.  I'm pretty stoked that I have managed to fumble my way through Step 1 of learning the "Mailchimp" system!  First I need people to sign up for it and then I can figure out what to SAY in it *lol*.

The Mailchimp system is simply going to replace my old-fashioned (and WAY too long) emails.

If you would like to be on my list please subscribe through this link.  You can unsubscribe at anytime!

Tamara's Paper Trail Newsletter

Have a stampy night!


Let's Catch Up!

Happy Tuesday!

So much for blogging more often, eh?  Geez!  I try ... honestly, I try! *lol*

It's hard to believe it's already more than half way through summer, isn't it?  What have we been up to this summer?  Well, if you saw my last two posts there has been some travel involved.  My youngest went to Phoenix with her BFF and family for 9 days and then, once she was home we packed up and headed to Kelowna for 12 days.  It was forced relaxation for this multitasking maniac!  I handled it PRETTY well but, not gunna lie, it was JUST long enough to chill a bit but make me want to get home.  I'm a Cancer ... and they are renowned for being "homebodies".  I missed my dog!  (Naturally he was mad at me for leaving him.  He greeted everyone except me when we got home (even the cat!) ... until I came back from the grocery store with a cooked chicken.  He decided then that he had punished me enough and was ready to forgive me (of course it cost me a few pieces of breast meat!).

We got back July 24th.  Craig had the rest of the week off so it was more relaxing "Bertram Style", which means gardening for him, cooking, cleaning, driving the kids around, and crafting for me.  The last few days of July were INSANE as the Stampin' Up! promotion with 10 free ink pads included in every starter kit bought drew to a close.  My team EXPLODED and we have welcomed 21 ladies to "Tamara's Trail Blazers"!!!  I only JUST finished the "welcome" cards and paperwork for is all last night!

Today I'm turning my efforts towards making cards!  Alicia and I both have tables at the "Made for Pets" even at the Edmonton Humane Society this coming Sunday.  She had about 12 more dog leashes to make and I have a LOT of animal-themed cards to make ... not to mention planning out out booths as far as posters, flyers, layout and so on. 

So that's what' I've been up to ... and (as I procrastinate on that) I thought I get caught up on projects old AND new that I had HOPED to share along the way.  Alas ....

I won't go into fine detail on how they were made, dimensions etc, but if you have any questions just leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

This first card is quite old! ... and a total case from Ceal Pritchett ... using Petal Palette ...
CASEd this idea from Allison Okamitsu using our new 2018/2020 In Colours ...
CASE'd my own layout ... (Petal Palette for the flower card - Picture Perfect DSP for the birthday card)
A card from my friend Joan Jeffery ...
A card from my friend Lisa Henderson ...
Cards I made in Kelowna using the Calligraphy Essentials kit ...
Card I made using the July Paper Pumpkin kit ...
Belated birthday card using the retired "Bird Banter"
Card from my friend Genevieve Parrent ...
Card from my friend Stephanie VanDorp ...
Card made using the July 2018 Paper Pumpkin Kit ...
Card CASEd from Diana Gibbs ..
Card from my friend Marcy Denning ...
Another card from my friend Marcy Denning ...
Card from my friend Tracey Stewart ...
Card I made using the new Rooted In Nature bundle ...
A card my daughter made my mom for her birthday ...
A card my daughter made ME for MY birthday ...
Made with Abstract Impressions bundle ...
Made with the Notes of Kindness it ...
A card from my friend Susan Philips ...
LOVE THIS ADOPTIONS CARD ... made with the Animal Outing designer paper and new tufted embossing folder (the sentiment is retired from Cuddles & Kisses set)
More baby cards using Precious Delivery ...

Phew!  OK, that was a lot!  I have an hour before I have to take Doodle Dog to the vet for another round of treatment for a raging ear infection.  This will help establish if his too-frequent ear issue is just that we haven't 100% cured it in the past or is something more serious, like a burst ear drum. I'm thinking it's the former.  Time will tell!

Thank you for popping in.  I'll do my best to post again before too long!  I hope you have a super stampy day!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Stamping for fun!

Happy Wednesday!

This will be a shorter than usual post as I’m coming to you from sunny Kelowna, British Columbia.  I’m on vacation with the family and didn’t bring my laptop ... so I’m posting from my phone.  One finger touch typing isn’t ideal so it will be a quick one!

A quick reminder about the AMAZING Starter Kit deal going on in July.

$165 in any product YOU choose
10 free ink pads in the color family YOU choose
A free Paper Pumpkin kit
$135 FLAT is all you pay!!

Head to
Click “Join the Fun”
Click “Join Now”
The system walks you through the rest

I plan to do a Facebook Live video next week - Wednesday, July 25 - to talk about the deal and answer frequently asked questions.  Make sure you like and follow my business page “Tamara’s Psper Trail”!

So how about a few projects??  Yes, I brought some stamping to do while I’m away.  I’m not a big reader so, when I get up 2-3 hours before everyone else I’ve been stamping for FUN!  Whilst ALL stamping is fun for me I rarely do it without “something in mind “, be it a class, a technique, a tip ... this week I’m just stamping.  I LOVE our kits but, again, I rarely do them “just” for fun!  I usually only assemble one of each design, saving the rest to demonstrate in a class.  Not this week!  I’ve completed 2 kits so far and have 1 left.  The first was “Calligraphy Essentials”.  I LOVE colouring and found this kit VERY relaxing!

... sigh .. you know what ISN’T relaxing??  Spending 45 minutes trying to insert a picture to this blog post! Lol .. so ... if you want to see my projects you now need to hit Facebook and head to my business page “Tamara’s Paper Trail”.  I have some swimming to do!  Lol.

Have a stamp day - ttys!


Monday, July 2, 2018

Abstract Impressions Note Card Packets

Happy Sunday!

It's finally happened!  I am FINALLY starting to relax!!  The last two weeks (since earning the trip to Greece) have been an effort, for sure!  Yes, I had achieved my goal, but there was still a LOT of work to be done to tie up all the loose ends!  I needed to pack and deliver all the orders from my launch/BOGO event, I needed to place my club orders (and pack and deliver), I needed to make the little gifts for my customers' orders, I needed to cut all my designer paper and ribbon for my product shares, I needed to get all my July birthday cards written and addressed so I can mail them before I head on holidays mid July ... all on top of wrapping up the school year with/for the kids.  That involved a lot of driving them to/from their exams and a lot of trying to keep everyone calm, well-slept and well-nourished during that very stressful time.  It was a rough two weeks BUT we've come out the other side!  Im thrilled to say the last 3 days I have slept through the night AND made until 6:30 or 7:00 am!!  No 4:00 am wakeups - whoot!  I'm picking up speed on the last few things I need to do before holidays and the kids commented yesterday "you're a lot more giggly than usual"- a SURE sign that the stress is melting away!

Today will be a great day as it's colder than usual and calling for rain - my PERFECT holiday kind of weather (sorry sun-lovers!  My HAPPIEST "rest" day involved crafting, movies and roast beef dinner!) . I'm having my parents over for dinner to celebrate and early birthday for my Mom.  Her birthday is Tuesday but I will be pretty busy that day as I'm preparing to ship my youngest off to Phoenix with her bestie's family for 9 days.  While she's lapping up 40 degree weather south of the boarder Rebecca and I are heading to Calgary for a mini getaway to check out the pandas and the zoo, Heritage Park and a little shopping at the outlet mall.  It's going to be a GREAT summer FULL of family and forced relaxation.  Bring it on!

Right!  Enough rambling about all-things-not-stamping-related!  I can't believe I haven't shared THIS project yet - it is quickly becoming my all-time-most-favourite-gift/project EVER!  Check it out ...

Do you get it?  They are three of our narrow notecards and envelopes packaged in one of our Translucent Envelopes!  
I can't take credit for the idea - it came directly from Head Office ... and Donna Griffith, my mentor for my presentation at On Stage in Red Deer this past April.  Donna gave me a little pack of our REGULAR note cards.  I fell in LOVE with the idea and knew I HAD to make some for myself.  I have now made about 25 packs and have not plan on stopping anytime soon.  They are SO quick, easy and economical to make its ridiculous!

For the package you simply cut up whatever designer paper you have been hoarding into 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" pieces.  I used my mega pack of In Colour DSP from last years catalogue that I had MAYBE used one sheet of.  Not now!  I'm quickly running low and have my sights on cutting the THOUSANDS of retired papers I have in my stash.  What a GREAT way to use up our paper!  I think I will start mailing ALL of my cards this way!  I can put a card AND whisper white envelope in the translucent envelope so the recipient can re-use the card and have an envelope to go with it!  (for those who don't know, I generally write my message on a post-it note to the card can be re-used ... but the recipient doesn't have a cute, coordinating envelope to put it in, as I used the envelope to mail the card!  Putting them in a translucent envelope will fix that problem!)

The notecards are the narrow notecards, but the regular size fit too, if you prefer the larger size.

The pink cards are stamped using Berry Burst and Lemon Lime Twist inks. The blue cards are using Bermuda Bay and Lemon Lime twist.

I used some satin white ribbon (retired) to wrap around the package.  I wrap it around 3 times to get the proper length.  Of course any ribbon you have on hand will do!

The tags are used with a 3 1/2" x 2" piece of card stock - I used Granny Apply Green and Pool Party for mine.  I punched out 2" circles with my punch and stamped the sentiment (from Abstract Impressions).  I decorated with some of our mini sequin trim.

Seriously.  SO quick and easy!  My friends and customers went crazy for these little packages!  Many purchased them from me for a nice little teacher gift and I have many on order for people to have on hand for hostess gifts and birthday presents.  It's so nice to have just a little something to give to someone to make their day!  The options for these little packs are truly endless! 

I hope that inspires you to make something fun today!  I would love if you shared your project in the comments!

OK!  Time to walk Koda and get this stampy day started!  Thanks for popping by!