Monday, August 12, 2013

Season of Style Movie Time!

Happy Monday!!

It's been a while since I posted ... and I missed it! .... but I don't have a new project to share :(  But it's all good because I've been too busy hangin' with my girls to craft lately ... and that's a good thing :)

On Saturday we headed to the small town of Bon Accord for their annual Harvest Days Festival.  This was our third year going and as always we had a ball.  When I say "we" it was just the girls and I.  Craig came the first year but it really is a lot of "stand around and wait while the girls *insert activity here*.  Not his scene.  Normally not my scene either but something about this gig just makes me happy.  It's small town, family friendly, clean and simple fun.   Just look at some of the fun:
Look at those eyelashes!  ... and that's WITHOUT mascara!

Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday we went to see Smurfs 2 ... another good time.  Rebecca had regressed a bit with her anxieties and was pretty nervous about going but we worked through it and she did just fine.  That makes 6 movies is 6 weeks!  Two more and I buy her a Pandora charm to mark the success!

Today was a much needed *down day*.  I got up at 4:30 am ... yes, a.m. The cat woke me up and then my mind snapped awake.  On the bright side I managed to get a shower in before noon *lol*.  I baked muffins, made dinner and even had time for a 50 minute (very much needed) nap.  So!  Since I've been having so much fun playing I thought it was time for another video showcasing some of the new products in the Holiday Mini.  Yep, this seemingly harmless little magazine has my credit manager doing the happy dance!!!  I don't have The Season of Style Scrapbook toys YET ... but they'll be in my hot little hands next month, that's for sure!

Check out the video:

Season of Style Scrapbook:
These items can be found on page 22 of the mini.  The album is $17.95, the Page Protectors are $6.50 and the Journaling Tags are $5.95 so the total for all three is only $30.40 plus s/h gst.  I'm placing an order on Wednesday - if you are in Edmonton drop me an e-mail.  If you are elsewhere in Canada pop over to my on-line store here and it will be shipped directly to your door!

Another great product for the upcoming holiday season (which isn't restricted to just Christmas ... this can cover Thanksgiving and Halloween as well!) is the Season of Style This and That Journal.  Here is a video showcasing this yummy collection!
These items are found on page 25 of the mini.  The journal is $13.95, the Designer Stickers are $5.95 and the Washi Tape is $6.50 for a grand total of $26.40 plus s/h/gst.  Again, drop me a line or check out my store to order directly, 24/7.

That's it for now ... I'm off to do a few more tidbits before I hit the hay.  We are ALL overtired today and getting more-so by the hour. The children are bickering as we speak (see?  they aren't ALL Hallmark moments around here!!)

Until next time, have stampy night!


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