Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thinlits Movie Time!

Happy Thursday!

Well I must say, today was a LOT more enjoyable than yesterdays gong show!  I got to head over to my girl friend's house where her Nanny showed us how to make Pancit and Salad Rolls.  Oh. My. God.  I really don't think I should have eaten 8 of them ... but I did ... and I enjoyed every.  single.  bite.  (on the downside I now cannot breathe ... but it's all good ... a few hours from now I'll be back to normal!!)

So no!  I don't have a project to share ... again.  I know.  I hang my head in shame.  But Hey!  You don't pop in just to see my projects, do you??  Tell the truuuuuuth ... you also come to see what crazy is going on in my life ... and knowing that if it's REALLY crazy it will make YOUR crazy life look a little more sane ... am I right?  Um hm.  I'm thinkin' so!

What I DO have to share today is a video - woo hoo!  Movie Time!  I plan to do these more often as a) I find them informative and b) it helps me spread the word about new products without shooting my OWN videos.  Can you imagine?  ME ... shooting my own stamping videos??  LMAO ... that COULD be something worth seeing!!

Alas - I don't own a movie camera ... and don't plan to!  So YouTube it is!

This video is on the All New Framelits that have just been released.  Here are some pics of them:
And HERE is a video on what they can do and how to use them ...

 Aren't they awesome???  They are $40.95 (plus s/h/gst) each (in Canada).  I'm placing my next order on the August 14th so e-mail me if you are in the Edmonton area and would like them ... or click here to place an on-line order to get shipped directly to your home.  (oooo ... are you impressed?  I added a  link all by myself!! ... and it works!!! Yep - DEFINATELY smarter than your average vole!!!)

I'm off to my craft room now ... I have an idea for a project I want to investigate further (insert excitement here!!)  Until next time ... have a stampy night!


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