Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween is Comin'!

Woo Hoo!  Halloween is on the way!!  As a kid I never got too excited about it - I was always scrambling for a costume and would generally come up with something lame the morning of.  You remember - a cat, a mouse, a dad, a "mom" - my personal favorite - I dressed in dad's old housecoat with a pillow stuck under the belt to make me look fat - hair in rollers - cold cream on the face, rolled up newspaper under the arm and carrying a coffee cup.  Hmmm - is that REALLY how I saw moms???  Is that how kids TODAY see moms??!!  Great.  (Maybe I should skip the blog post and head straight to the gym and/or beauty salon!)  But I digress ...

Craig and the girls are the ones who have me excited about Halloween these days.  Craig spends MONTHS planning his Halloween garage display and days setting it up.  This summer he made a coffin - this week he bought the disgustingly ugly skeleton / zombie (complete with half eaten flesh and glowing eye) to go in it.  The girls of course LIVE for Halloween and all the free candy.  Each year they can't wait to see what treat packs we will be making for their friends.  Since October is CRAZY busy I have already started them and this year went for VERY simple ... but seriously CUTE, don't you think??!!
I LOVE this guy!  So quick and it holds lots of "stuff".  This year the kids will get Halloween Bubbles (from Zellers), a mini Play-doh, a mini deck of cards (both from Costco) and mini candy bar.  This is definately a project you could make at my Craft Night - it's just punchin' and gluin'.  (Oh - the bags are from "that other craft place".  $5'ish for 16 bags)

I'm off to take 'becca to the orthodontist this afternoon ... in Heritage ... I've already set up the DVD player in the SUV for the trek!  Hope you have a fun day!


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