Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bow Builder Punch by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Wednesday!

Phew!  OK - a bit of a "catch up" day today.  I could use it!  Yesterday was non-stop!  I'm quite happy t hibernate today.  We had freezing rain last night and I'm in NO hurry to drive around on roads that are skating rinks.  I'll be quite happy when the temperature settles in to a steady below zero number so we can stop this nonsense.  Rain in January is just WRONG!  … and I can't tell you how many times I've slipped in the last week (only fell once though!)  Even Koda went down a few times!

Right!  So I finally had 20 minutes to spare … so thought I'd share a project I made back in early January, for my Open House.  Ready?
Ta Da!  Hee hee - love this card!  I made it just hours before my Open House.  I wanted to showcase the new Bow Builder Punch.  I punched out the pieces for the bow.  Within 30 seconds I figured the bow would just sit on the shelf for the next 4 years as life was WAY too short to be messing around with THAT nonsense!!!  Gluing little bitty pieces together.  Ya, no.  But wait!  Then I remembered our moustache thinlit!  I made a quick background using my Stylish Stripes Embossing folder, made a moustache and Wa-LOW!  I FUN card that took about 3 minutes to make … and 2 1/2 of it was for the stupid bow!  Now!  Fast forward a few weeks and this bow punch has grown on me.  True, you have to glue the pieces together … but rather than use my Tombow white glue I use my favourite adhesive - GLUE DOTS instead and I'm a much happier crafter!  I will be making a bunch of these cards for the boutique in the coming weeks.  A great card for the fellas.  Now here is the official video made by Stampin' Up! showing what *fun* this punch is *lol*

Is it just me or do you get twitchy looking at all the wasted card stock? *lol*

Okay - that's it for today - time to get a few things done around the house.  Pop in again soon.  Have a stampy day!


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