Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sheltering Tree Take 1

Happy Tuesday!

Not much time to "chat" today.  I have class tonight and I haven't set up yet.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I haven't even cut the paper yet!  Sure - I SHOULD have done it yesterday … but I was in my glory putzing around in the peace and quiet that was my empty house.  Yes, silence is golden.  Then it happened.  It was approximately 10:42 am … I was walking the dog … and I sneezed … and sneezed and sneezed.  It appears I caught a cold.  I'm not too happy about it, I must say. I don't GET sick!  Alas … in my denial I went down to the Craft Cave last night to cut paper for class … but there was a yummy new stamp set calling to me … so the bad news is I didn't get the paper cut or the tables set up … the good news is I came up with a Valentine card that I absolutely LOVE!  …. but then I had to go to bed because I'm sick.  SO!!!!  No time to "chat".  Gotta hit 10% Tuesday for some groceries, pop over to moms to help her with her new iPad then home to cut paper and set up (and I'll share that Valentine card with you another day!)

So what am I sharing today??  This is a card I made with my favourite new stamp set - Sheltering Tree. OH!  That reminds me!!!  THE NEW CATALOGUE IS NOW IN EFFECT!!!  AAAAAANNNND - SALE-A-BRATIONS starts today - oh Lord - now I'm all spazzed up again!  … and unfocused (perhaps a little too much cold medication???!!!)

AAAAAAAAnywayyyyyyyy - back to our card - here it is:
This isn't my favourite card made with this set - it was just my first swing at bat.  I DO love the colour combination - Pool Party and Earl Espresso.  The tree, sentiment and snowflakes are all from the same set.  I added the snowflake sequins from the Holiday catalogue and a few rhinestones for some sparkle. I LIKE the card, but don't love it … the NEXT few I made with this set I LOVE … so pop in again soon to see those.  Meanwhile, I'm off to wake the kids, take some more cold medicine and get this day started.  Wish me luck!

Have a stampy day :)


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